An Evangelion is a thing created by man in mans' own image. In more detail though, an Eva is a copy of the first Angel found in Antarctica; Adam, however, modifications had to be made to allow NERV to control it. Unlike the Angels, an Eva doesn't possess an S2 organ, therefore energy is supplied via an umbilical cable. Should this cable become severed, an Eva can operate on an internal battery for no more than five minutes due to the current limitations in battery power, after which the Eva should supposedly cease to function. On many occasions, the Eva has been known to operate after going silent.



Model: Prototype
Designated Number: 00
First Sortie: Episode 6
Choice Weapon: Long Barreled 50. Caliber Automatic

Pilot: Rei Ayanami
Summary: EVA-00 is the first Eva to be constructed, and is piloted by Rei Ayanami; the first child. In order for the prototype to be a formidable opponent in close combat against Angels, NERV upgrade the Eva shortly after the eighth Angel is destroyed. Unit 00 has also been known to run amok on several occasions. It was initially thought to have been caused by mental instability from within the pilot, however, it is later determined that the instability originated from within the actual Eva, not the pilot, indicating the presence of a soul. It's highly likely that Unit 00's core was in fact built from the soul of Naoko Akagi, that is after she committed suicide in front of the MAGI having learned of Gendo's. This would explain why Unit 00 tries to kill Gendo and Rei on the two separate occasions when it goes out of control.



Model: Test Type
Designated Number: 01
First Sortie: Episode 01
Choice Weapon: Standard Issue Machine Rifle, Vibra Knife

Pilot: Shinji Ikari
Summary: EVA-01 has undoubtedly seen far more action in its time than any of the other Evas under NERV's control, it is also extremely unpredictable. On several occasions now Unit 01 has moved without energy being supplied to it and is quoted by Ritsuko to be 'Berserker'. Though it is because of this Eva's rogue behavior that many of the Angels were actually successfully destroyed, and its pilot, Shinji Ikari, is still alive. Also, it would be safe to assume that Yui Ikari's soul exists within Unit 01's core as a result of her synchronization accident, this would explain Shinji's frequent visions of his mother when in Unit 01's entry plug. Unit 01 is also different from the other Evas in that it wasn't built from Adam, but instead from Lilith. As Lilith is capable of instigating the third impact, it comes of no surprise that Gendo and SEELE value Unit 01 significantly more than the other Evangelions.



Model: Production
Designated Number: 02
First Sortie: Episode 8
Choice Weapon: Progresive Knife, Positron Rifle

Pilot: Asuka Langley Souryu
Summary: EVA-02 is the first Eva production model to be constructed, and is therefore a template for future Evangelions, at least it was deemed to be the case at the time of its construction. Unit 02 is piloted by Asuka Langley Souryu; the second child, and is the only Eva to have experienced extreme conditions such as engaging an Angel in aquatic combat, and worst still beneath seventeen hundred meters of molten lava. Unit 02's core was also built from the soul of Kyoko Zeppelin Souryu as a result of her synchronization accident. Unlike 00 and 01, Unit 02 was constructed in Germany, by the 3rd Branch of NERV. Unit 02 and Asuka make an excelent team in close combat, and are usually the first to rush off, head first into the battle.



Model: Production
Designated Number: 03
First Sortie: Episode 18
Choice Weapon: N\A

Pilot: Touji Suzuhara
Summary: EVA-03's existence is that of a very short one. It's first test activation at Matsushiro goes horribly wrong as the dormant Thirteenth Angel within the Eva's body awakens taking control of the Eva, helplessly trapping its doomed pilot, Toji Suzuhara; the forth child, inside its entry plug. NERV classify the Eva as the Thirteenth Angel and engage it with Unit 01 under the control of the Rei Dummy plug. Although the pilot is fortunate enough to survive Unit 01's attack, Unit 03 is completely dismembered and rendered useless after its bloody confrontation with the frenzied Eva. Unit 03 was designed to be a Medium/Close range fighter, much like Unit 01, but never got it's chance to be used as it was intended in real combat situations.


Model: Experimental S2
Designated Number: 04
First Sortie: Episode 17
Pilot: N\A
Choice Weapon: N\A
Summary: EVA-04's existence is even shorter than that of Unit 03's. Like Unit 03, 04 was constructed in NERV-02, and was to be shipped to Japan upon completion of the installation of advanced equipment. Unit 04 is equipped with NERV's experimental S2 Organ, which is similar to that of an Angel's. It works by converting matter into energy with no losses, but its initial activation at the 2nd branch of NERV in the Nevada desert, America, goes horribly wrong. As a result NERV-02 is wiped off the map along with Unit 04, its newly installed S2 Organ and thousands of people. An explanation for the vast loss of life is not given, but it's probably safe to say, based on the fact that the instillation just vanished, that the Organ's containment degraded, subsequently converting all mass within a set radius into pure energy. Unit 04 was designated to be a Close/Long range combat, either supplying support fire with 00, or leading the frontline with 01 and 02. Unit 04's design was not much different from that of 03's, but is a smooth chrome instead of a cool black.



Model: Next Gen Production
Designated Numbers: 05-13
Pilot: Rei Dummy Plug
First Sortie: End of Evangelion
Choice Weapon: Lance of Longinus
Summary: Not much is known about the other Evas, other than the fact that they were built at seven different locations around the world in a hurry, and that all these Evas include working S2 engines. They are also known to be capable of extremely rapid regeneration much like that displayed with Unit 01 and the Angels. As well as this, Units 05-13 are relentless in their attacks as none are piloted by a human, instead each is piloted by a dummy plug and so morality isn't an issue for them when engaged in combat. And as if this weren't enough, Units 05-13 are all flight capable, in fact they could all be related to vultures. They are vicious deadly creatures who wouldn't think twice before tearing apart their prey. Asuka has little more then 3 minutes to dispatch her foes, but doesn't count on their ability to regenerate in her outcome.


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