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Monday June 23rd 2003

Psycho - New Associate

We now have a new totally sweet and/or awesome associate.  They are so totally sweet that if you are not adequately prepared to visit their site, you will most likely crap your pants.  With that in mind, feel free to check out the totally rockin' Extortion Labs!


Wednesday May 21st 2003

Psycho - Sponsor

Please visit our new sponsor: Neotech PC.  They have great prices on very good computers.  Much better than Alienware.  They also have custom cases, you can get almost any color, so go check 'em out!


Tuesday November 6th 2001

Majin - Evangelion Characters

Seems like a long time since the last update, don't it? We've been busy with the end of the 1st Quarter. Anyway, last of the Evangelion Character Bios are in. I think that about wraps up the Eva, Tenchi Is next(^_^ yay!)


Sunday October 28th 2001

Psycho - Gundam X MS

Yay!  Daylight savings time! Anyway, I finished up the Space Revolutionary Army mobile suits.  Expect some more Trigun from me and Evangelion from Majin.


Friday October 19th 2001

Psycho - Links

Three new links in that section.  All of them are great sites, go and check them out.


Thursday October 18th 2001

Majin - Evangelion Characters

Well that's 10 character bios for Eva. I'm going to get some sleep and let my hands rest. There won't be that many updates this weekend, Psycho and I are doing stuff. Sayonara until Monday.


Wednesday October 17th

Psycho - Fanart

I posted another one of Majin's pictures, and this one actually looks good (j/k).


Tuesday October 16th

Psycho - Fanart

In addition to my update earlier, there is one new pic in the fanart section.


Psycho - Gundam X MS

I put up some of the Space Revolutionary Army mobile suits. Also, there is a new poll on the side bar, check it out.  I may update later today, so come back.


Monday October 15th

Psycho - Fanart

There is now a fanart section, isn't it lovely?  You may go ahead and submit art, but remember that it has to be at least 75% original.  Although I much prefer hand drawn art.


Sunday October 14th

Psycho - Gundam X Weapons

Well, I have basically finished the Gundam X Weapons section.  I just need to go through and make sure I didn't miss anything.  There is a poll in the message board asking what I should work on next, please vote.


Saturday October 13th

Majin - Evangelion Angels

Ok, that's the last of the Angels.  I'll Start on some Character profiles for Eva, and then Tenchi will magically appear on the site (Ohhh Ahhhh). 


Wednesday October 10th

Psycho - Gundam X MS & Links

I finished off all of the mobile suits for the Old Earth Federation, I'll start on the Space Revolutionary Army soon.  Also, there is a new site in the links section.


Monday October 1st

Psycho - Gundam X Weapons & Links

I put up a lot more weapons in the GX Weapons section, although I still have a lot more to go.  Also, I put up the how to link to us part on the links page.  If you want to have me work on a particular section, feel free to e-mail me with your request.


Sunday September 30th

Psycho - Gundam X MS & Site Stuff

I put up some more Old Earth Federation mobile suit.  Also, I have added the links section, it contains the people we've linked to, guidelines for getting us to link to you, and how to link to us.


Saturday September 29th

Psycho - Gundam X MS

I put up a crapload of Old Earth Federation mobile suits, go check them out.


Friday September 28th

Majin - Evangelion Angels

Thats two more Angels, Bardiel and Zuruel. More to come tomorrow, and maybe I'll start the Character Profiles tomorrow. Tenchi will be up in a week, and maybe Gundam Wing after that (even though its old, I put so much effort into it last year, I'd hate to see it go to waste). That's all for today.


Thursday September 27th

Psycho - Gundam x MS

I put up a plethora of mobile suits today.  Including: Gabul, Britova, Rasveyt, Daughtress Neo, and Daughtress Tank.


MajinEvangelion Evangelions

I put up the last of the Evas, I'll continue with the Angels soon.  Come join the chat (#anime-action on and the message board.


Wednesday September 26th

Psycho - Gundam X MS

I put up a few more mobile suits in the Gundam X MS section.  This includes Gundams Virsago, Virsago Chest Break, Ashtaron, and Ashtaron Hermit Crab.  And mobile suits Colrel and Valient.


Tuesday September 25th

Psycho - 9/25/01 - Site Open

Welcome to Anime Action.  I've officially "opened" the site up.  Which means that Majin and I will be posting our updates on this page.  Also, expect to see a lot of new stuff appearing all over the site.  I put up the full list of Gundam X mobile suits today.  And any of you who have mirc, check out #anime-action (on irc.webmaster), also please join our message board (no mirc needed), because it's the quickest way to give us feedback.



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