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 Used By: Generic Villains

 Ammo: 7.62x39mm

 Summary: This is the basic assault rifle used in Trigun.  Most henchmen use it when they need some more firepower than a handgun can provide.








.45 Long Colt

 Used By: Vash, Knives, Wolfwood

 Ammo: .45 Rounds

 Summary: Knives crafted two of these guns, one for him and one for Vash.  But when Knives told Vash he intended to kill all the humans with them, then Vash took both guns and ran.  Knives later took his gun back.  These guns are used the angel arms technique.







B.D.N's Handgun

 Used By: Brilliant Dynamite Neon

 Ammo: .45 Magnum Rounds

 Summary: B.D.N's sidearm of choice, it fires .45 magnum rounds.  It's clip fed, semi-automatic, and has lots of lights.  It looks somewhat like a P.F. Marlin.








Belief Lightning

 Used By: Generic Villains, Generic People

 Ammo: .45 Rounds

 Summary: Like the AK-47, the Belief Lightning is standard armament for most goons in Trigun.  Occasionally some civilians have one also.









 Used By: Meryl

 Ammo: 9mm Rounds

 Summary: Derringers are the only guns that Meryl uses in the series, and they're never used by anyone else.  Derringers each carry 2 shots, but Meryl has 50 of them so that's not a problem.








Grader 2043

 Used By: Generic Villains, Wolfwood

 Ammo: .45 Automatic Rounds

 Summary: This is the basic pistol of Trigun.  Wolfwood keeps 8 of these in his Punisher as backups weapons.  The Grader 2043 is roughly based on a Colt Commander.









 Used By: Generic Villains, Generic People

 Ammo: 9mm Rounds

 Summary: This is another handgun favored by villains and civilians.  In episode 25 Vash gets shot at with one of these.  It's clip-fed and automatic.








P. F. Marlin

 Used By: Generic Villains, Generic People

 Ammo: .45 Rounds

 Summary: The revolver of choice for most villains and civilians in Trigun.  This is their backup sidearm.  Most Marlins are older models, so some are collectors items.









 Used By: Generic Villains, Generic People

 Ammo: 7.62mm

 Summary: The weapon of choice for civilians who aren't gunfighters.  You'll see a lot of these in the angry mobs of citizens that come after Vash in many episodes.  Occasionally a villain will have a modified rifle, and be sniping.








 Used By: Generic Villains

 Ammo: 12 Gauge Shotgun Rounds

 Summary: Goons in various gangs sometimes have shotguns.  Just to add some kick to their overall firepower.  Shotguns in Trigun are very useful for blowing apart furniture.









 Used By: Milly

 Ammo: Stun Batons

 Summary: Even nice girls come armed, this is Milly's weapon of choice.  The stun batons that it fires fold out and can knock things, or people, over.  Milly probably likes it because it's non-lethal.








The Punisher

 Used By: Wolfwood, Vash

 Ammo: Machine Gun Rounds, Rockets

 Summary: This is not one, but two weapons.  The long shaft is a machine gun, and the small top piece is a rocket launcher.  In addition, the cross piece holds 8 Grader 2043s.  Chapel the Evergreen's Punisher has two machine guns and no rockets.







Toy Gun

 Used By: Generic Kids, Vash

 Ammo: Darts

 Summary: This is a toy gun that kids in most of the towns have.  Vash uses one once to show off his amazing aim without killing the bad guys.









 Used By: Generic Villains

 Ammo: 9mm Rounds

 Summary: The Uzi used in Trigun is rather small, but it's an SMG.  Some Villains use this rather than a revolver.









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