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Green indicates a person, people, or creature

Red indicates a gun or weapon

Yellow indicates a place, town, or geographical feature.

White indicates an idea

Pink indicates an event

Purple indicates a mode of transportation.


A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z


A |


AK-47 | Image

An assault rifle, see guns section.



Rem Saverem's boyfriend who died back on Earth.


Angel Arm

An extremely powerful weapon used by Vash the Stampede and Millions Knives.  It is part of their plant powers.



The city that Vash destroys with his Angel Arm in episode 16.


B |


Bad Lad Gang

A gang of bandits that hijack a Sand Steamer, led by Brilliant Dynamite Neon.


Belief Lightning | Image

A revolver, see guns section.


Bernadelli Insurance Society

The major Insurance Company on the planet, they send Meryl and Milly to stop Vash the Stampede from causing further damage.



The peacekeeper aboard one of the last remaining SEED ships.  Later killed by Leonof.


Brilliant Dynamite Neon

The leader of the Bad Lad Gang, he is very flamboyant in the way he dresses.


B.D.N's Handgun | Image

A modified handgun, see guns section.



A transport open to the public to travel from town to town.


C |


Caine the Longshot

A Gung-Ho Gun, he packs a huge sniper rifle.  Commits suicide when confronted by Vash. 


Chapel the Evergreen

A Gung-Ho Gun, he trained Wolfwood and carries a similar weapon.  Killed by Knives.



A member of the Nebraska Family.


Cross Punisher | Image

Weapons used by Wolfwood and Chapel, they both have slightly different versions, see guns section.


D |



Trigun equivalent of a gallon.


Dalmslad Sprays

Burst of sand than come out of the desert, only appear in a certain area.


Dankin Town

The first town seen in Trigun.


Derringer | Image

A small pistol, see guns section.



A bounty hunter who tries to capture Vash, later defeated by Vash.


Dominique the Cyclops

The second of the Gung-Ho Guns, she has one eye and drugs her opponent so that she appears faster.  Killed by E.G. the Mine.



A member of the Nebraska Family.


Double Dollar

The currency in Trigun, represented by $$.


E |


E.G. Mine

A Gung-Ho Gun, probably the weakest member.  Killed by Rei-Dei.



A plant engineer, very smart and very beautiful.  Vash falls for her right away.


Enora Precipice

Brilliant Dynamite Neon plotted to crash the sand steamer here.



Vash's alias while he's hiding after the 5th Moon incident.


F |



One of Vash's friends from the active SEEDs ship.



A city accidentally destroyed by Vash in the first episode.


Fifth Moon Incident

When Vash's Angel Arm drills a giant hole in the 5th moon.



One of the feuding families in episode 19.


Flying Ship

A project SEEDs ship that still works.  Vash's "home" for a while.  He and Wolfwood visit it and 3 Gung-Ho Guns follow.  The ship's plants are destroyed and the ship falls to the ground.



The city that the caravan does business with.


G |



A member of the Nebraska family.



Hoppered the Gauntlet's shield.


Grader 2043 | Image

A pistol, see guns section.


Gray the Ninelives

A Gung-Ho Gun, he is a huge robot that is not effected by bullets.


Gung-Ho Guns

A group of specialists hired by Knives to cause Vash pain and suffering.


H |


Hoppered the Gauntlet

A Gung-Ho gun, he has a large shield which he spins around when he attacks.  Bullets cannot penetrate his shield.  Commits suicide to destroy a plant.


I |


Inepril City

A city that desperately needs money to fix their plants.


J |



A girl on the SEED ship who likes Vash a lot.  Brad has a crush on her.



A boy adopted by the leader of the caravan, he is the pass to get into Fondrique.



The city destroyed by Vash's angel arm 23 years ago.


K |



A boy who knows his way around Sand Steamers, he is hired by the Bad Lad Gang to help them hijack one.



An employee of the Bernadelli insurance society.



The black cat that is in every episode, he doesn't have anything to do with the plot.


L |


Legato Bluesummers

Knives' right hand man.  After Vash's arm was cut off, Knives forced Legato to replace his own with Vash's.  Killed by Vash with a shot to the head.


Leonof the Puppetmaster

A Gung-Ho Gun, he controls an army of humanoid puppets.  Killed by a rocket from Woflwood.



An evil fat guy who, along with his goons, lays siege to a town.


M |



A member of the Project SEEDs crew, she is secretly liked by Steve and Rowan.  Killed by Rowan after she threatens to turn him in.


Mauser | Image

An automatic handgun, see guns section.


Meryl Strife

The main female character in Trigun, she works for the Bernadelli Insurance Society.


Midvalley the Hornfreak

The leader of the Gung-Ho guns, he has a saxophone that can project shockwaves.  Chooses to commit suicide when he fails to kill Vash.


Millions Knives

The main villain of the series, he is also Vash's twin.  His powers are more telepathic as opposed to physical.


Milly Thompson

Meryl's good friend and partner, also known as Stungun Millie.


Monev the Gale

The first Gung-Ho gun, he spent his whole life training to kill Vash the Stampede, he is killed by Mine when he fails.



A dancing girl in the saloon in the caravan.


N |


Nebraska Family

A very weird family, they come in all different sizes (ranging from normal to 50 feet).  They play parts in two different episodes.


Nicholas D. Wolfwood

The wandering priest who is a gunfighter.  He is constantly waging an internal battle with himself, he travels with Vash and friends from time to time.  Killed by Chapel the Evergreen under Legato's control.


O |


P |


P. F. Marlin | Image

A handgun, see guns section.


Project SEEDs

The launching of people in cold sleep, in space ships, to find a new planet and populated.


Q |


R |



A Gung-Ho gun, he uses a katana that is also a gun.  He is killed by Wolfwood.


Rem Saverem

The character we only see in flashbacks, she cherished all life and gave hers to save countless humans.  Raised Vash and Knives.


Revnunt Beskus

Rem Severem's only surviving relative.  Killed by Knives to sever all ties between Vash and Rem.


Rifle | Image

A rifle, see guns section.



A member of the SEEDs crew, he dies with the rest of them.


Ruth Loose

A bounty hunter in the first episode, he has an automatic rifle.


S |


Sand Steamer

A train-like vehicle that travels through the desert, main mode of transportation between towns.



The elder man on the surviving SEEDs ship.  He helps out Vash.



A member of the SEEDs crew, he is put into cold sleep and killed by Knives.


T |



A pack animal, the Trigun equivalent of a mule.


U |


V |


W |


X |


Y |


Z |


Zazie the Beast

A Gung-Ho gun, he is a midget, but an awesome shot.  Shot in the head by Wolfwood.


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