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1. The $$60,000,000,000 Man: Everyone is looking Vash the Stampede, the legendary gunman with the $$60,000,000,000 price on his head, but no one is quite sure what he looks like. It couldn't be that skinny, goofy-looking guy, could it?


2. Truth of Mistake: Vash takes a job as bodyguard to a wealthy water baron and his pretty houseguest. A shadowy stalker... people vanishing in the night... it's up to Vash to solve the mystery.


3. Peace Maker: Vash goes looking for master gunsmith Frank Marlon, but finds a bitter drunk in a complacent town. When bank robbers strike, Vash inspires everyone to change take action.


4. Love and Peace: A man walks into a bar... and into a hostage situation.
The bandits want revenge for their families killed by "Death" Borstock, now the biggest landowner in town. Borstock just wants his daughter released unhurt. But a third party has an agenda of his own...


5. Hard Puncher: This time, Vash is on the run from an entire town, which wants the reward money to repair its broken plant... if they don't destroy the place first just trying to catch him. Things really get out of hand when Saizuchi and Fuji, the Nebraska father and son, show up to capture Vash themselves, by any means necessary, and Vash is forced to fire his gun for the first time in the series.


6. Lost July: The long-awaited plant technicians arrive on a grand sand steamer, sending the town into festival mode. Vash is more than willing to guard the body of lovely Elizabeth, the head technician, but dark shadows haunt her past... and Vash's. And Vash may be an ace gunman, but can he stop a plant from meltdown?


7. B.D.N: Vash hits the road again on board the sand steamer. He befriends a young stowaway, Kaito, but the relationship--and the ship--hit the rocks when Brilliant Dynamite Neon and the Bad Lad Gang attack.


8. So, Between Wilderness and Sky: Meryl and Milly take on the Bad Lad Gang, Vash takes on Neon, and Kaito tries to stop the steamer and save them all in the conclusion of B.D.N.


9. Murder Machine: A long bus trip is interrupted first to pick up a stranded traveler, one Nicholas D. Wolfwood, then by an attack of automated guard machines gone haywire.


10. Quick Draw: Vash and Wolfwood enter a quick-draw contest to save a little boy and his pretty mother. Cross Punisher No. 1 goes into action.


11. Escape from Pain: A rift arises between Vash and the others over a pair of star-crossed lovers in a desert caravan.


12. Diablo: Trigun begins to take a decidedly darker turn as Legato Bluesummers and the first of the Gung-Ho-Guns, Monev the Gale, enter the story.


13. Vash the Stampede: Meryl types up her report to the home office...
Yes! It's the recap episode! With the added bonus of Vash partially undressed so you don't get bored or anything.


14. Little Arcadia: Trigun looks at family values. Like writing home. And forgiving your son even though he joins villains trying to kick you off your precious oasis of peace and greenery. And flinging your children around like human cannonballs.


15. Demon's Eye: The nasty Roadwreck gang crosses paths with the even nastier Gung-Ho-Guns, with bloody results. Vash is challenged by the second of the Gung-Ho-Guns, Dominique the Cyclops.


16. Fifth Moon: Vash faces Gung-Ho-Guns three and four, E.G. Mine and Rai-Dei the Blade.
All hell breaks loose.


17. Rem Saverem: Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Vash who lived on a spaceship with his brother, a small crew, twenty million people in suspended animation, and a kind woman named Rem Saverem.


18. Goodbye for Now: Two years have passed since the Fifth Moon Incident. Vash has changed his identity and is living more or less peacefully with a young girl named Liana and her grandmother. Wolfwood tracks him down to deliver some disturbing news, and after dispatching a local gang, it's time for Vash to leave again.


19. Hang Fire: Meryl and Milly re-enter the story as the hijacked sand steamer they're on arrives in the town where Vash is visiting an old friend.  Meanwhile, Gung-Ho-Gun number five, Leonof the Puppet Master, has his eyes on Vash...


20. Flying Ship: Vash, in need of both a hardware upgrade and an outerwear upgrade, visits his former home, a flying relic of lost technology that shelters its inhabitants from the harsh world outside. The ship people treat Wolfwood with suspicion and hostility, but he's not the only outsider who has followed Vash there...


21. Out of Time: The continuation of "Flying Ship." Leonof and Gung-Ho-Guns numbers six and seven, Hopperd the Gantlet and Gray the Ninelives, attack. Bad stuff happens.


22. Alternative: Refused entry to a paranoid city, Vash, Wolfwood, Meryl and Milly stay with a group of orphans in the hills. Gung-Ho-Gun number eight, Zazie the Beast, launches a sandworm attack. Not being trained in negotiation, Wolfwood acts as he sees fit.


23. Paradise: Wolfwood is torn between Vash's words and the only way of life he has known. Gung-Ho-Guns nine and ten, Chapel the Evergreen and Caine the Longshot, attack.


24. Sin: Vash goes off alone and faces Gung-Ho-Gun number eleven, Midvalley the Hornfreak. Legato forces Vash's hand...


25. Live Through: Vash, at rock-bottom, struggles to recover from the events of episode 24, and begins to see a bit of Rem in Meryl.


26. Beneath This Sky so Blue: Vash's final showdown with Knives. The past is revealed in flashbacks a-plenty, then they draw their guns...


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